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camera installation location for light
Borsche CCTV News
OCT 16, 2014

Indoor surveillance camera installation location must consider the angle of light

Indoor security surveillance cameras installed along from the light source requirements have seen the light, backlight, sidelight, such as several installation location.

Shun just means consistent-field light irradiation direction and surveillance cameras in the direction of the light uniformly positive person, no shadows, color reproduction is relatively normal. However, if the light is too strong, it would seriously damage the surface level of the body. Backlit with light contrast along the opposite direction of the light projection and monitoring cameras direction, its main feature is the shape of the subject by the main characters is less than positive light illumination, the main positive vision illumination and background illumination and look-out illumination different, the details of the main positive complete loss, facial black, can not be identified portrait features.

Sidelight is more common, most sidelight indoor installation environment. Sidelight is the irradiation direction on one side of the main characters of light, this light is so bright half of the main characters, half cast a shadow on the dark character level will be affected by the loss, the characters strong chiaroscuro surface, color reproduction is acceptable.

Indoor installation should try to avoid causing backlighting appears select the installation location, such as the unavoidable choice of wide dynamic surveillance cameras along the light source increases.

To pay attention to the front of the portrait subject of strong backlight illumination and background illumination, dynamic contrast ratio is much larger than any existing wide dynamic surveillance cameras.

Most wide dynamic surveillance camera technology for enhanced facial details, but can not match the level and detail along the optical imaging environment. Therefore, the choice of these three is very important.

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