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Waterproof security camera malfunction solutions
Borsche CCTV News
OCT 9, 2014

Waterproof cameras are mainly used for outdoor surveillance, because rain and fog are likely to lead to stagnant water on the camera, the treatment is not the time to penetrate into the water vapor will accelerate the speed of the equipment damage. The following is a case where several solutions:

Waterproof Camera vapor mist problem solving

In the first case, the internal machine mist:

Fog, frost formation is due to air saturated water vapor condensed cold, due to strong cold environment, the weak were condensed into frost and fog. Infrared cameras in the course of their work, especially often due to reasons such as fog or steam fog or frost formation on window glass shield of the camera in the room, causing the camera can not see the object, directly affect the monitoring results.

Various solutions to this problem is not the same. Increase defrost circuit, open vent, nitrogen filling, add a fan, desiccant and so on.

Second case, the machine appears outside frost, fog:

Camera in high humidity environments work, protective window cover glass is prone to dirt, causing the camera line of sight.

The solution: a, an increase in the protective cast wipers, by controlling the wipers to clean the glass. 2, the use of invisible glass window wipers. Compared with ordinary window glass, window glass has stealth wipers repel water, dirt, and other functions.

Waterproof camera image problem solving

IR waterproof camera flashes why the situation will appear? As mentioned earlier, when the illumination intensity is below the threshold, the infrared light to open light. Above the threshold value is closed. This is the case, the principle is the reason, do not say it is normal, at least not the product quality problems.

1, the threshold value is changed.

Same model, the threshold value is not the same, there is a discrete. Replacement of a product may be the problem is solved.

Provide design thresholds of different products by the manufacturers, to be replaced.

Higher threshold design parameters using the product, there is less likelihood of flicker.

2, changing the environment

Changing the intensity of the illumination angle.

Little to change the mounting angle IR waterproof cameras, moving up and down about it, being detected by the illumination will have a lot of change, will leave the vicinity of the threshold, so as to solve the flicker problem.

3, the use of high quality low-light video camera with backlight compensation heart piece anti-glare, especially dedicated IR lens;

In addition, IR waterproof cameras or other objects near it was the reflection of infrared light, can cause changes in illumination repeatedly detected, causing flicker.

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