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IP camera installation requires
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APR 1, 2015

Security IP cameras on the network running smoothly we need cameras, spread fast, high-definition picture quality, convenience store, then you need to pay attention to what the problem when installing IP cameras.

Install the lower IP network surveillance camera network infrastructure, a strong performance of computer is essential, you can use Windows95 / 98 / NT / 2000 or PC Linux operating system, in addition to Apple is also a good choice . The general market usually have computer network support functions and the browser, so the user can easily start IP network surveillance cameras, no headache for other peripherals. Set a password in order to add security network transmission. Therefore, the performance of the storage device determines whether transmission and storage quickly and easily.

HD picture quality
This camera was purchased our biggest aim is to be able to clearly show the direction of our monitoring locations to buy, but later had HD IP camera installation method also determines the camera picture clarity. How to install is the best choice?

1, the light intensity
In many cases, the image quality is poor due to low illumination. In general, the stronger the light, the higher the quality of the image; and in the weak light, color images easily monotonous, blurred. General professional photographer will adopt the camera flash to compensate for the lack of light.

In addition, although the high-resolution surveillance cameras can operate at less than 1Lux illumination conditions, but this only means that the camera can capture when 1Lux images, but does not mean that when 1Lux can get a good visual effects; To capture high-resolution images, the illumination must be at least reach 200Lux.

2, to avoid backlighting

In general, the ability to dynamically adjust the camera is limited, you should try to avoid the appearance of a bright region on the image, because the bright images can lead to excessive exposure, the object will appear too dark.

3, reducing the contrast

Users can adjust the exposure level of surveillance cameras to get more even illumination.

4, the amplifier gain

In the computer monitor can adjust the gain of the image sensor level, the higher the gain, the better performance in low light, but interference will expand. In low light, the user can use the high gain to achieve better performance, in good light quality when using a low-gain the same user to obtain high-quality surveillance images

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