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Home surveillance cameras security level
CCTV Industry News
SEPT 22, 2014

Recently insecure network, the probability of network surveillance camera system increased

invasion, home security camera equipment again cause for concern.Most of this hacking for

home and small business users, because of the lower their equipment protection, compared to

enterprise-level monitoring for lack of professional maintenance and encryption technology.

Fortunately, for these users, and now most of the network camera manufacturers in an effort

to minimize the vulnerability to launch a variety of high security products.


        Recent foreign occurred two home surveillance cameras from hacking incident, and the camera

comes with a supplier, it is clear that the vendor does not have to update and improve

surveillance cameras security features. In fact, the network device is not limited to

hacking surveillance cameras, as long as there is a network could be compromised. Last year,

the NAS vendor equipment is found loopholes that allow hackers to execute arbitrary

commands, after the adoption of bug fixes to solve this problem.


         The incident indicates that the network cameras and other security equipment may face

hacking risk, to be malicious intrusion is even greater danger. Obviously, the danger is

imminent home video camera, unlike the enterprise level surveillance cameras, do not have a

firewall and high-level protection software, so how can they do to ensure that their privacy

will not be disclosed yet. With the deepening of IT technology to the security system, home

surveillance cameras security level is increasing.

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