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Holidays huge market for security cameras
CCTV Industry News
OCT 13, 2014

In the pre-holiday, many families have chosen to travel, home security costs ghost town, to ensure home security, many families consider further for home purchase a safety and security equipment, wireless cameras and network cameras into a popular choice. Store franchise network monitoring devices, see the various types of home surveillance camera equipment. According to the owner who introduced many people to buy them before the holidays surveillance cameras, have used anti-theft, as well as with a view of the child. WiFi networking capabilities which have surveillance cameras more concerned.

Home surveillance cameras acclaimed, the impact of traditional markets

With the popularity of home automation and home monitoring, the demand for home video security camera is constantly rising. According to the survey, the global consumer and DIY network camera shipments are expected to grow from 846,200 to 1.3 million part 2016 of 2014. IMS? Research pointed out that about 20 percent of American households have adopted professional home monitoring services. In view of the technical improvement, home monitoring service is to allow more users to affordable and easier to use.

Compared with the traditional professional surveillance security cameras, home video camera equipped with a wireless connection in the room can be more flexible installation. In addition to the family, they can also be installed in small offices, shops, chain shops and schools and other places. Currently, driving the growth of home video camera from the three main impetus mature network infrastructure, end-user demand for home security or small-scale security system growth, and can support up to 100Mb / s data transfer rate of 4GLTE technology adoption.

In addition to the domestic market, we can see the other growing demand, such as children and elderly care monitoring services, such as kindergartens, daycare centers and elderly care centers, especially in Asian countries. Parents can watch their children’s activity logging and real-time video. In addition, it can be more detailed and real-time communication between parents and teachers.

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