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AES Agreement security surveillance cameras
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SEPT 25, 2014

Multiple network cameras since Britain was "black", resulting in a large number of private video pictures on the Internet, which caused enough attention to local authorities. When the network is becoming increasingly popular high-definition surveillance cameras, security has become a primary concern.

       Whether your home or project how much needs to add IP cameras, network cameras more like a live show, the reason for the camera to be encrypted, you must ensure that unauthorized persons can not be seen or tampered with data, applications in different camera areas must use a different encryption technology.

       The most commonly used is the SSL / TLS encryption technique in which a special code which is hidden in the downwind computer communications. More private key encryption algorithm to be applied in the home and SME users.CCTV Surveillance cameras SSL private key is securely stored in the smart card chip, the chip key data will never be read out, even if you have all the user rights, in order to protect data security cameras, the key can not be retrieved, preventing Some malicious access to sensitive data.

       Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a protocol, encryption using 128, 192 or 256 keys, making coded message that is difficult to decipher untrusted third parties. Some home security companies use 256 encryption, while ensuring video delay of less than 0.5 seconds. Advanced Encryption protocol improves network security, enhance customer confidence in the security surveillance cameras.

We can Help You. Call Us 400-0999-868 or +86-755-81454983
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